Primark are back with a brand new make-up line and I’m so excited! Recently Primark’s make-up game has been on another level and there is so many of their products I love and use regularly!. Whenever they come out with new products I usually buy one or two of them and do a review for you guys so here’s my review of P U R E!

I picked up a liquid lipstick & the eyeshadow palette because they were so pretty and I knew I’d get use out of them both!

Also available in the in the line:

A face palette; 3 highlight shades & 1 contour

2 shades of liquid lipsticks

2 shades of single highlighters

A portable mirror

4 shades of liquid highlighters

3 eye pigments

12 shades eyeshadow palette

Liquid lipstick:

I love liquid lipsticks, they are definitely something I always want to get more of because they are amazing and this one definitely falls under amazing. I love the colour so much, you could easily match it with many different eye looks! You could use it for an everyday look or glam it up! The glitter makes it stand out, it applies so good and is definitely one of my favourites. I also loved the packaging and the shape of the bottle it’s so pretty and tops the whole thing off! I would definitely recommend this, and I’m so sorry I didn’t pick up the other shade too!

Eyeshadow palette:

Eyeshadow palette’s are definitely my favourite make-up products, I love them so much, they are always the prettiest!. First, let’s talk about the layout, the shapes are amazing and I just love how they laid it out, it’s beautiful!. The second I opened this palette I fell in love with the colours they were all so beautiful and I could literally picture in my head the amount of eye looks that could be created with this palette. There is so much pigment in each shade and it blends so nicely. The glitter shades are definitely my favourites!. As well as it being hands down a fabulous palette it is also light and what I mean by light is when it’s on it doesn’t feel heavy on your skin or eyes, I find a lot of makeup is like this but not this palette. Also it wipes away nice and easy, you know after a long day of wearing makeup and you can’t wait to go home and just take it off? And when you scrub your eyes so much trying to wipe away the makeup that it starts to hurt and irritate you because of the rubbing? Well not this one! It rubs off so nice and gently and it’s amazing! Only €6 and it’s just amazing!!!

Blogtober starts Monday so I’ll see you then!❤️

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Becca xo


PS Pigment’s

Recently Primark came out with some eye pigments, and I picked up some of them. They’ve 6 single colours & 3 in a set for their Gold Rush line.

Set of 3 for Gold Rush Lines;

Literally took them out of their box and my hand was covered in glitter which just shows how pigmented they really are, they are amazing on & blend into your eyeshadow amazingly.

3 for €5

6 single pigments;

I picked up the shades Brown Sugar & Copper Daze. Amazing colours and apply so nicely to the eye lid.

€3 each

PS Gold Rush Highlighting Palette

PS Gold Rush Highlighting Palette

So along with the Gold Rush Eyeshadow Palette I also got the Highlighting Palette. This palette is by far my favourite highlighter from Primark. It has four amazing shades and each one is very pigmented. They blend nicely with foundation and show up amazing on the skin! Another Primark make up item I would recommend getting! This was also €6.

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becca xo

My Top Foundation’s

My Top Foundation’s

So today I thought id share with you all my top foundations, there are 4 and I love them all soo much,  since I got into make 2/3 years ago ive been looking for a good foundation that works with my skin and ive been through loads of different ones. I finally found 4 that I love so much, the benefit and L’Oréal,  Paris Infallible 24-hour matte are two I use for a more natural look and would be an everyday kinda foundation, they honestly give the most flawless finish to your face, don’t look heavy on the skin, the smallest amount of product gives you amazing coverage, and over all they are both amazing, ive been using the benefit for a while now but only recently tried the L’Oréal , and the L’Oréal is so long-lasting honestly I wore it to a concert and I literally had it on for 2 hours traveling then all through the concert and then 2 hours home and it was still perfectly on my face! its 11.99 I’m pretty sure and it’s just soo amazing! Then the other L’Oréal and PS Pro are more of a kinda going out or event kinda foundation for me, I love both of them, the L’Oréal true match has a glitter undertone which is fab and the PS Pro foundation literally gives you the best tan ever.

I would highly recommend all these foundations, i personally love each of them, they work so well with my skin, all apply great and give the best end result!

PS Pro Longwear Mineralized Foundation ( from Primark ) is 6.00 euro and ive it in the shade warm beige, I recommend getting this shade!

L’Oréal Infallible 24h-matte is 11.99 and I have it in the shade natural rose!

Benefit Hello Flawless is 37.00 euro in the shade ivory!

L’Oréal True Match is 14.99 and in the shade golden beige!

and yes I know all of these shades are completely different and none of them match my skin tone but i like to have different shades and ones that don’t match me, i like to have a choice of different shades depending on where I’m going and what I’m doing.


thank you for reading,

becca xo