2019 Goals

Hey everyone, so I know I’m really late to do this but the start of this year I’ve been really busy sorting and planning my goals. Figuring out where I want to go and what I want to do this year in terms of my life and blogging, so I thought I would share them all with you!. Also in all the places I would have said “I want to”I changed to “I’m going to”!

My biggest goal is to work on myself, I’m going to start working out and eating right again so I can feel good. Also, I want this year to be the year where I become happy with myself and not listen to everyone else because when it comes to me the only opinion that matters is my own. I’m definitely going to work on trying to get into a proper routine for everything, that will just organize my life a lot which is exactly what I need.

As for my blog, I have so much I want to do! First of all I’m going to be posting a new blog post every Tuesday and Thursday for now and I also want to start a “thoughts” category on my blog where I share my opinions about big topics and things happening in the world, I’m not sure how often I’m going to be doing them but I was thinking one every two weeks maybe.

I also want to start being more active on my social media’s, mostly Instagram. I have so many post and story ideas, I can’t wait to start shooting them! But I will be posting on there a lot more this year.

My last goal is to start Youtube, I have always wanted to and I’m just going to go for it because if I think about it I’ll just come up with every reason not to do it and then regret it in the near future so I’m just going to go for it.

As you can see my goals are mostly about my online presences because I really want to build it up and make a difference this year, I spend last year worrying and overthinking about doing it (I’ll talk more about this in a post), so this year I’m just working hard and going for it and not caring what anyone has to say about it, I know what I’m doing and I know where I want to go, nothing will make me lose sight of that!. I’m so excited to see what this year will bring and I’m so ready to fight for an amazing year and achieve as much as I possibly can! I’m also starting 2/3 new business courses and I can’t wait to learn more and I hope to complete the courses with no problems.

I would love to hear some of your goals, comment them down below!

Thank you for reading,

Becca xo


October Goals – Day 2

Welcome to day 2 of blogtober, today I’m going to be talking about my new goals for this month. It was only in August I started to set monthly goals and I’m already stopping and here’s why.

Dont get me wrong I think its great people set goals for every month and do all they can to achieve their goals and people do amazing at them every month but it’s not for me. I do have goals I want to achieve but I want them to be things I can build up on and not all about numbers. Most goals people set are to hit a certain following by the end of the month on their blogs or social medias and I just don’t really want to focus on that. My goals are to better my self and this is a goal I’m always going to have and possibly might never fully achieve it.

There is only 3 months left of this year and I want to take this time to make myself better, I want to be healthier, work on my confidence and just concentrate on my work so I can go into a new year with the right happy mind-set and be ready to enjoy the new year. I’m choosing these as my goals instead of saying i want to hit 1,000 on Instagram or whatever because i feel that when you set that goal it’s all you think about and at the end of the day its a number and if we keep focusing on numbers we’ll never get anywhere. Instead of bettering my following i want to better myself. This was a short post today but an exciting one is coming tomorrow!

See you tomorrow,

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becca xo

My Goals For My Blog

This is my first time doing a post like this, it’s going to be all about my goals for my blog. So I see a lot of people setting monthly goals for their blogs and social media followers, usually how many followers they want to push to get and things they want to achieve on different platforms, which i thought would be good to do the first Tuesday of every month then i thought it would just get annoying, so i want your opinion, would it be too much? or would you like to hear my monthly goals?

For now im just going to tell you over all what I want to achieve for my blog, so here it is.

Like everyone I want to make a living out of it and do just this full time, ive always had a great interest in business and always wanted my own so it was always a root i wanted to go down. With my blog i can build my own business and doing everything i love writing, beauty, fashion and travel and loving to read and write helps a lot, along with writing about things you do love and have an interest in. I know its mad a 15 year old talking about wanted her own business and all, but i think its good that i chose the path i want to take so young and know what im working and pushing for.

My goals are pretty simple, I just want to success in what I love, like everyone so basic i know!, I hope to do big posts on certain subjects like, living with my pain, friendships, school, and anything like that. All I really hope to do is help people and show you my perspective on life as a 15 year old girl who don’t want to be a normal 15 year old and follow the group or sit in town with friends and do nothing, I want to experience as much as I can in life and hopefully I can show people who you always have and option and your own opinion and don’t have to follow the crowd and do things because your friends do. I figured that out at 12 years old when i went to my first concert, and listening to myself and no one else really helped me.

So out of all that, my only really goal is to do what makes me happy, take everything as it comes, experience, give my advice and opinion as best I can and help people. Helping people is something I love to do, since I was 12 and starting listening to myself and figuring my self out, I said I wouldn’t be like my past “friends” and chose who I wanted to be and helping people always stuck and I enjoy it. I was like professional counselor for years, everyone would ask me for advice and trust me with what was on their mind and say I helped them a lot and that made me happy.

also im not sure when I should post, like I write a post and I’m like okay I want to post that now, no need to wait haha.

So I’m posting a day early, my bad?

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becca xo