My Favourite Halloween Movies

Today I’ll be sharing my favourite Halloween movies, it’s 5 days into October so the prefect time to get into watch some Halloween movies, just to clarify I’m definitely not a scary movie kind of girl, when I was about 7/8 years old I loved scary movies and shows, I’d watch them all day with my Dad but now I’m definitely not a fan of really scary things so this might be a short list! Sorry they are all kind of kiddies movies i just love them because I’m the biggest kid going and Disney is my life so yeah, also like i said I’m not a fan of really scary things so yeah!

  • Beetlejuice – The first time I watched Beetlejuice was when I was about 10 I think and it was with my sister, she bought it on DVD for Halloween and we sat in her room and watched it, i thought it would be scarier than it actually was, i didn’t find it at all scary to be honest, it was a good enough movie though and since then I’ve watched it a good amount of times, so I do recommend it!


  • The Nightmare Before Christmas – I mean who doesn’t love Jack the pumpkin king?? It’s actually unhealthy how many times I’ve watched this, I literally live for it, I don’t want to say much about the movies incase people haven’t seen them but honestly this is the best and I love it so much, I’ve literally watched it every year since I was really young plus its Disney? that makes it good without even watching it!


  •  Hocus Pocus – Also another one I’ve been watch for years, me and my friends use to always go and buy loads of sweets and have a movie night the night before Halloween and it was always Hocus Pocus we would watch and it still hasn’t got old, I still love it as much as I did then!


  •  Halloween Town, Halloween Town II, Return To Halloween Town & Halloween Town High – Just like the rest I’ve been watching Halloween Town every year since I was very young, I use to love coming home from school at the start of October and going up stairs and turning the TV on going straight to Disney Channel and watching these, I say I watch them about 100 times a year just from Disney Channel and then watch them all a 100 times more online or where ever i can find them, I’ve always loved it and always will it’s so amazing, and i cant wait to watch it again this year, I actually miss it!!


  • Spooky Buddies – Again I have loved the Buddies for so long, Air Bud was always my favourite movie growing up and I was determinant to get a Golden Retriever and call him Buddy for as long as I can remember, Spooky Buddies is actually a bit of a kiddie movie, there is nothing actually anything scaring in it just a dog ghost so yeah but I still loved it because i love dogs and Air Bud so i don’t actually care what it is to be honest so yeah haha!


  • Twitches – Along with Halloween Town, Twitches was another Disney Channel Original movie I couldn’t wait to get home from school to watch coming into October, I’d sit and watch it for 2/3 hours and pure love it, it was so great!


  • Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie – This movie I have been watching since I was a literal baby and i cant remember the last time i actually did watch it but my grandmother buy it one year and myself and my brother use to watch it in her house with her for years when we were really young.


There is 10 of my favourite Halloween Movies, I know they are all kids movies but who cares, anyways I hope you enjoyed this post and are enjoying following along and reading my blogtober posts!

See you tomorrow.

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Must Watch Netflix Show’s

Today I thought I’d tell you about Netflix shows because it’s the prefect time to get into watching some shows! Everyone loves a bit of Netflix, anytime I finish a show my first thought is what do I watch next? I thought id do a post on what TV shows to watch and I will also be doing one on movies to watch!

1. The Vampire Diaries 

I feel like nearly everyone has seen The Vampire Diaries and if you haven’t then you need to! If you like supernatural things, drama and love story’s then you need to watch it. It is based on a young girl named Elena who is just a normal girl until she meets a vampire and she gets pulled into the supernatural world along with all her friends and they do crazy things together and do all they can to help and protect their family’s and town. Overall it’s a great show and such a beautiful cast!!

2. The Originals

If you watch The Vampire Diaries then you’ll want to watch The Originals!. It’s the spin-off show all about the original vampire family which all make an appearance in the vampire diaries and they also have quest appearances from cast members of the vampire diaries. This show is about Klaus a mean hybrid whose brother tries to make a better person and a past girl Klaus slept with and fell pregnant so the show is mostly all about him and his daughter, I’ve yet to watch the 5th and final season, Also as far as I know Hope daughter of Klaus it having her own spin-off show so that’s another one to look out for!

3. Gossip Girl

If you are reading this and haven’t seen gossip girl then you should because its about a blog! Its based in New York City and there is about 5 main characters and they are all friends (kinda) but they go to school and in their school one of the students has a blog called gossip girl where you can find all the dirt and gossip about everyone in school. Gossip girl gets all her information from other students who text or email her things they hear or see happening! If you watch the full thing you will be amazed by who gossip girl actually is!.

4. Once Upon A Time:
I went to go watch this when it first came out but I watched like two minutes of the first episode and turned it off and didn’t come back to it for months and im happy I did. If you love Disney you’ll like this, would say love but some Disney lovers didn’t like how mixed up the stories were, I like it but I also didnt like some of the ways they mixed the stories but overall it was good. The last season wasnt my favourite but i would recommend it!

5. Jane The Virgin:
I seen this pop up on my Netflix and just never clicked on it because I didn’t think id have any interest in it but I was so wrong, I really enjoyed it and had no idea it was mostly about Jane being a writer and wanting to write a book which I loved. It is always a very complicated love story. As far as i know there will be another season coming at some point but I also seen an article saying it was cancelled and im not sure if its cancelled after the next season or they aren’t making another one, but I hope there is another one coming!

6. Teen Wolf:
id be lying if I didn’t say i only started to watch this because Dylan O’Brien was staring in it but i ended up really enjoying it other than the last season because Dylan wasnt in it much. Overall its a great show and is also supernatural but has completely different things in than The Vampire diaries like it says in the title it is mostly just werewolves and some other weird supernatural creatures. It’s definitely one of my favourite shows though!

7. How I Met Your Mother:
Most people in the world have seen this but some haven’t, its such an amazing show that I couldn’t leave it out. It felt like years till he got to the end of story and actually revealed who it was and how they met!. The ending was by far my favourite thing ever.

8. Shadow Hunters:
Another supernatural show.. I’m kind of obsessed with them to be honest but it’s another great show. They also have a movie version of it but I think the show is so much better. It has more detail and a better cast in my opinion, the shows cast really seem to fit the characters more but of course it’s up to you! Would recommend them though because they have a great story.

9. 13 reasons why:
Majority of the world has seen this but anyways. I think the reason and story behind it is amazing, it about things that people do face everyday of their lives. I know loads of people have different opinions of it all but overall I think it’s a good message they are trying to spread!

10. Friends

Okay if you don’t love friends we just can’t be friends, literally the best TV show ever no arguments. I’m not going to explain what it’s about because everyone knows. Just like many others I’ve watched this over and over but I have actually not watched it from start to finish before and look forward to doing that soon!.

11. Pretty Little Liars

Another really popular show which I wasn’t too pushed on to start with but ended up loving. It’s about 5 best friends who get messages from “A” who makes them do horrible things and they do all she says to protect themselves and loved ones. If you like murder mysteries and stuff like that you’ll love this!

12.  Riverdale

Riverdale is a new enough show, season 3 comes out next month. It’s mostly just about 4 best friends trying to figure out the unusual times that are happening in their town that everyone always thought was extremely safe.

13. Alexa & Katie

I loved the story behind this. It was a short show but I still loved it. It is about a young girl going through cancer and has her best friend by her side through it all and I just think it’s a great story about friendship and also i love the character of the girl who has cancer, shes all about doing crazy things and living every second of her life!.

14. Greenhouse Academy 

I kind of just watched this because I was bored and finished all my other shows, but I actually thought it was good. It’s about a brother and sister who’s Mam got lost in a rocket explosion on her way to the moon then go to the school she went to and the school is split in two you can be in the eagles or the ravens. You’ll get me if you watch it but it has a happy ending.

15. The Big Bang Theory

Again another really famous show that most people have seen and I don’t think I have to explain it because everyone kind of has an idea of what it’s about.

Here is a short list of some other shows that people have recommended to me or that I plan on watching soon!

1. Orange Is The New Black

2. Stranger Things

3. Gilmore Girls

4. Good Girls

5. Friends From College

6. Insatiable

7. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

8. Jessica Jones

9. Shameless

10. Sisters

11. Glow

12. Girlboss

13. The Sinner 

14. Unforgotten

15. Power 

See you tomorrow,

Whats your favourite show?

A movie version of this will be coming soon!

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What I Love About Fall – Day 4

Day 4!!

Today I’ll be talking about what I love about fall, here’s my top 10 things I love about it!

1) The Fall Look

I love the trees and the leaves, there is nothing better than going for a walk in the park on a nice fall morning and looking at all the leaves that have changed to beautiful colours and watching them fall from the trees!! It so amazing and one of my favourite things ever.! The best pictures can be taken, its great and is my favourite thing about fall!

2) It’s getting cold..

Cold weather is my all time favourite, I love it so much. I’m definitely more excited this year because of the killer weather we had all summer!. It’s still not that cold but I cant wait to layer my clothes and wrap myself in 20 different blankets, it’ll be so amazing!!.

3) Clothes

I love wearing warm jumpers, hats and scarfs, I’m literally obsessed with them all! But my most favourite of all is layering my clothes, I think it is the best thing ever and just looks so good. No matter what they always look so good!. Also boots they look so amazing and who doesn’t wear boots during fall?

4) Warm drinks

There is nothing better than making a warm drink and sitting down with a book and a blanket at the fire. Me personally I don’t drink hot drinks unless I’m cold so I look forward to that!.

5) Walks

What is better than cold weather? walks in cold weather! Either really late at night or really early in the morning is my favourite because that’s when it’s really cold. At night has to be my favourite though because after a long day you can just wrap up, grab the dog and walk around in the lovely fresh air, it’s so amazing!

6) Halloween

I am not a huge Halloween fan but this year my niece is going to be 15 months and I can’t wait to see her dressed up and go trick or treating with her because I lost the excitement of Halloween a few years ago but now i have it to look forward to because i get to experience it with my favourite little girl!.

7) Pumpkin’s

I love craving pumpkins so much and that’s something I really look forward to during fall time! I cant wait to do it this year!!

8) Winter is coming

It’s fall now which means winter is close and I just love winter sooo much, so people might hate me for this but Christmas is coming…!!

9) Halloween Movies..

love love love some Halloween movies.. but I’ve got a post coming on that later!

10) Disney

I would love to visit Disneyland/world during this time because it looks amazing and I just love looking through pictures and seeing what it looks like and all that!

See you tomorrow,

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Fall Book List – Day 3

It’s Fall time which means it’s the prefect time to grab a book, a blanket and sit by the fire so I thought id do a fall book list of books I would like to read this fall or by the end of the year! Sorry this is up so late it wouldnt upload for me!

1) How To Be A Bawse by Lilly Singh

I have been dying to read this since it came out. I’ve seen so much about it and it’s always been good and positive feedback which is what makes me want to read it more! So it is definitely top of the list!

2) Note To Self by Connor Franta

Another book that has been on my list for a long time and I just never got around to buying and reading it.

3) Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

This is only now getting made into a movie and I saw the trailer as soon as I did I knew I just had to read the book.

4)  Becoming by Michelle Obama

Okay who doesn’t love Michelle Obama? and who doesn’t want to read her book?

5) Looking For Alaska by John Green

I just love John Green and hope to someday I will finish all his books!

6) Love, Simon by Becky Albertalli

It has such a good storyline and I have a feeling it will be a good read.

7) The Summer We Fell by Amber Garza

Don’t know much about this but it was recommended to me and I’m sure it has a great story line!

8) Simon Vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli

As far as I know the Love, Simon movie is based on this book so I’d love to hear the ordinal story and see what they changed and how they made it into Love, Simon!

9) Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple

Another recommendation that I don’t know much about but it seems super interesting.

10) The Skin Nerd by Jennifer Rock

I love my skin and skin care so much so of course I want to read a book about it and learn some new things!

11) To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

Feel in love with the movie so now I need to read the book!!.

12) The Importance Of Being Aisling by Emer Mclysaght & Sarah Breen

I’ve seen this floating around recently and I’m dying to know what it’s all about!

13) The Confidence Kit by Caroline Foran

I lack confidences and think it looks like a great book to read!

14) 21 Lessons For The 21st Century by Yuval Noah Breen

This book looks so interesting and I really need to read it!

15) The Little Coffee Shop Of Kabul by Deborah Rodriguez

I’ve seen this everywhere and it was recommended multiple times so it must be a good read!

16) An American Marriage by Tayari Jones

Yet another recommendation that I can’t wait i check out.

17) The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory

As far as I know this is an old one but I was told it was good so it was added to the list!

18) The Pisces by Melissa Broder

This is only new and the book cover looks amazing and I think the book itself will be too!

19) Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith

I finished book one and I’m currently on number two so I’d love to finish the whole set!

20) Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher

My sister loves McFly and of course this is written by Tom’s wife!, my sister gave me a loan of this book to read it because she reads her books and thinks they are great!.

What’s a book you are dying to read?

See you tomorrow,

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Welcome To Blogtober – Day 1

Welcome To Blogtober – Day 1

First of all how is it already October???

Welcome to Blogtober!!

This is my first time to attempt blogtober as well as blogmas in December and I’m so excited for both of them, posting daily and interacting more with my readers, hopefully they are a success and work out alright. If you don’t know what blogtober is, It’s basically posting everyday in the month of October whether it is fall themed or Halloween or even just a load of different lifestyle posts.

You are all now stuck with me till the 31st! How exciting?

For day 1 / today it won’t be an actual post, this is just an introduction to let you all know that I’ll be doing it so that’s why it’s so short and not that much of a post, but it will be all different tomorrow that’s when the actual posts will begin, I tried to keep it as Fall / Halloween themed as I possibly could so i hope you enjoy them and follow along everyday!

Comment down below and let me know if you are doing Blogtober so I can make sure to follow along with yours!

See you tomorrow,

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