VIP Style Awards 2019

Hey everyone,

So the VIP Style Awards were on last night in Dublin! I thought I’d share a few of my favourite outfits!

Suzanne Jackson

Keilidh Cashell

Rosie Connolly

Lisa Jordan

Louise Cooney

Aideen Kate

Holly Carpenter

Marissa Carter

Lynn Kelly

Rosanna Davison

Kerri-Nicole Blanc

Doireann Garrihy

Carol Byrne

Aoife O’Sullivan

Rosalind Lipsett

Aimee Connolly

Tara O’Farrell

Jo Coops

Kimberly Brophy

Remy Naidoo

Kathryn Thomas

Aoibhín Garrihy

Ailbhe Garrihy

Bonnie Ryan

Sarah Morrissey

Claudine Keane

Glenda Gilson

Sorry the last few pictures aren’t the best, they were the only ones I could find!

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Becca xo


Coachella Outfits 2019

Hey Everyone,

Since both weeks of Coachella are now over I thought now would be the perfect time to share with you a few of my favourite looks from it this year!

Ariana Grande

She is a queen and is always killing it!

Louise Cooney

Niamh Cullen

Aideen Kate

Romee Strijd

Ellie & Daisey O’Donnell

Kendall Jenner & Hailey Bieber

Gigi Hadid

Shay Mitchell

Andrea Russett

Corinna Kopf

Olivia Culpo

Winnie Harlow

Bretman Rock & Nikita Dragun

Madison Grace & Victoria Justice

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Becca xo

2019 Concerts

Hey everyone, so today we are talking about concerts and I’m going to be sharing my 2019 concert wish list I guess that’s what you’d call it!

I am already lucky enough to be going to three concerts this year, my sister won tickets to Nicki Minaj and also she got me a Spice Girls ticket for Christmas. Also, my Mam won tickets to Shawn Mendes. They got the tickets from 3 who held a competition for anyone who bought a Samsung s9 got to win a pair of concert tickets to a concert of their choice so that’s how they both won tickets. Of course, I’m not saying that I need to go to all of these or anything, I’m just sharing a list of concerts that are in my area and that I’m interested in and could possibly go to one or two of them who knows!


2.Little Mix

3.Hugh Jackman

4.Ariana Grande


6.Picture This

7.The Vamps

8.Olly Murs

9.Take That

10.Post Malone

11.Micheal Buble

12.Backstreet Boys


14.Elton John

15.The X Factor Tour



18. Pink

19. Jack & Jack

Drake only just announced 3 Irish dates this morning!

This is just a random list of amazing artists that are playing in Ireland and I really want to see them all live. I absolutely love concerts and want to talk more about them here because who doesn’t love concerts.

My top five from this list would be Little Mix, Ariana Grande, Hugh Jackman, and Westlife but Drake, Picture This and The Vamps are also really high up there too!

I do want to do more about concerts and music on here because I absolutely love them. I have such a long list of artists I want to see live and I might share it on a different post at some point along with people I’ve already had the pleasure of seeing! As well as that I might also share my 3 dream concerts that I’m dying to go to!

This post is just a quick one because my WordPress hasn’t been working since last week so I just wanted to do a quick post for today and hopefully it’ll be back working normally by Thursday so I can post what I wanted to post last week!

Thank you for reading,

becca xo

2019 Goals

Hey everyone, so I know I’m really late to do this but the start of this year I’ve been really busy sorting and planning my goals. Figuring out where I want to go and what I want to do this year in terms of my life and blogging, so I thought I would share them all with you!. Also in all the places I would have said “I want to”I changed to “I’m going to”!

My biggest goal is to work on myself, I’m going to start working out and eating right again so I can feel good. Also, I want this year to be the year where I become happy with myself and not listen to everyone else because when it comes to me the only opinion that matters is my own. I’m definitely going to work on trying to get into a proper routine for everything, that will just organize my life a lot which is exactly what I need.

As for my blog, I have so much I want to do! First of all I’m going to be posting a new blog post every Tuesday and Thursday for now and I also want to start a “thoughts” category on my blog where I share my opinions about big topics and things happening in the world, I’m not sure how often I’m going to be doing them but I was thinking one every two weeks maybe.

I also want to start being more active on my social media’s, mostly Instagram. I have so many post and story ideas, I can’t wait to start shooting them! But I will be posting on there a lot more this year.

My last goal is to start Youtube, I have always wanted to and I’m just going to go for it because if I think about it I’ll just come up with every reason not to do it and then regret it in the near future so I’m just going to go for it.

As you can see my goals are mostly about my online presences because I really want to build it up and make a difference this year, I spend last year worrying and overthinking about doing it (I’ll talk more about this in a post), so this year I’m just working hard and going for it and not caring what anyone has to say about it, I know what I’m doing and I know where I want to go, nothing will make me lose sight of that!. I’m so excited to see what this year will bring and I’m so ready to fight for an amazing year and achieve as much as I possibly can! I’m also starting 2/3 new business courses and I can’t wait to learn more and I hope to complete the courses with no problems.

I would love to hear some of your goals, comment them down below!

Thank you for reading,

Becca xo

Icon Live – Cork

Hey everyone, today’s blog post is about an event I went to last Friday. First of all, you are probably wondering what Icon live even is, well it’s a social media event that an Irish blogger put together, a night full of makeup, fashion, shopping, music and meeting new people! It was honestly an amazing event with so many Irish social media influencers. I’m going to talk about everything that went on throughout the night.

Make-up – There was 5 make-up pop up shops Beauty Pod, Bperfect Cosmetics, Glowing Girlies Boutique, BiaBelle Beauty and Jeanette Cronin Makeup which all looked amazing. There was also a make-up demo by Lucy Fitz (Irish Blogger/Make-up Artist) she was meant to be doing Love Islands Georgia Steels makeup but ended up doing another Irish makeup artist!

As well as that they also had a panel of 5, they were all Irish and were all apart of different industries and I’m going to go through each of them.

Kailum O Connor – (@kailumslife) he does comedy videos on social media

Nathan Adams – (@nathanadams95) manger to several social media influencers and owns his own marketing agency along with his own music festivals.

Jamie Malone – (@jamiexmalone) Youtuber.

KiKi – (@_kikifit_) Health and Fitness Blogger.

Reece Creed – (@therealreececreed) Youtuber.

Miriam Mullins – (@miriammullins_) Beauty Blogger and Youtuber.

Lucy Fitz – (@lucyyfitz) Blogger and Make-up Artist.

As well as the panel Miriam Mullins was also on stage hosting and apart of the panel!

Overall it was an amazing event and all the people involved were so nice and amazing to talk to. It was so interesting to hear all of their stories and how they got to where they are. There was meant to be a few more bloggers/influencers but they weren’t there. It was a really good event and Miriam said she plans on doing more Icon Lives around Ireland and I’m looking forward to them too! Once it was all over the last thing everyone did was get a meet and greet with Love Islands Georgia Steel who was absolutely lovely, she also did a little Q&A on stage. Miriam did a great job with the event and she looked amazing too, her dress was beautiful!.

My outfit is:

Dress – Pretty Little Thing

Bag & Boots – Primark

Thank for reading,


Christmas Wishlist 2018

It’s literally a couple days till Christmas and today’s post is my Christmas wishlist most people do this at the start of the month but here I am doing it the week before Christmas. All the things I mention are stuff I have wanted for awhile, i may be a little late but sure! I don’t expect any of these of course, my parents always get me so much as it is!


I have wanted one for quite awhile now so I could starting doing little Instagram videos and maybe some Youtube, I don’t want a big one or anything just a small vlogging one. I really want the Canon g7x but to start off and get in the hang of it I thought i’d go for a more affortable one until I’m sure I really want to do it! So to start off I want the Lumix 12x which looks just as amazing!

2. Ring Light & Tripod

I want these to go along with the camera so I can have a proper set up!

3. Computer

My laptop broke a couple months ago so I’d really like to get a new one at some point for blogging and editing, I really want a chromebook so it’s easy to but it in my bag and bring it around with me so I can work on the go.

4. Headphones

I’ve always wanted wireless headphones and if I start doing videos and stuff then they will get great use for editing and stuff!

5. Record Player & Records

I’ve wanted a record player for the longest time!! I think they look so amazing and it would be great to collect records. I’d really love Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars & Maroon 5 records!

6. Concert Tickets Or Trip Away

Every year when someone asks me what I want for Christmas concert tickets or a trip away is always the answer, i would choose an experience over a material things any day!

7. Necklace & Drawing

The last and by far the most important two for me is, a custom necklace, I would love to get a necklace done with my grandmothers handwriting saying “I love you”! Also would love to get a drawing done of my Dad, Grandmother and me because I don’t have any pictures of the three of us.

Well that’s my wishlist, I know they are all pretty big things and like I said I’ve wanted these for awhile and don’t expect to get any it’s not what Christmas is about and I’m only doing this because everyone does one and like I said just things I really want and hope to get at some point!

Thank you for reading,

becca xo

My Favourite Christmas Movies

Hey everyone!

Christmas is getting so close and im so exicted!. Let’s be honest, everyone’s favourite thing about Decemeber isnt to sit on the couch with a big blanket and some Christmas movies it’s literaly the best thing in the world, it’s December 2nd and it is time to spent half your time watching Christmas movies, so heres my favourite Christmas movies.

  • Santa Buddies – I’m back again with the buddies because i honeslty do love them so much, i’ve never watched a set of movies so much and still love them so much honestly. Who doesn’t love a good talking dog movie?. I’d highly recomment it though it’s such a cute little Christmas movie.

  •  Santa Paws – Another talking dog movie, my bad! For real though it is such a cute and amazing movie about friendship, the bond between a dog and their owner aswell as believing and having hope and its just amazing and if you havent seen it you are defiently missing out big time, i litteraly want to cry everytime i watch it!!

  •  The Santa Clause 1,2&3 – Such amazing Christmas movies that I’ve been watching for as long as i can remeber, literally cant go a Christmas without watching atleast one of the three. I’m 100% sure everyone in the world has seen all three of these movies, they are litteraly always shown on Tv throughout December so you must have come across it at some point!.

  • A Christmas Carol – Okay this movie has defiently a movie everyone in the world has seen without a doubt, along with the rest it’s been a movie I have watched for years! It’s such an amazing movie that you need to watch at some point in your life honestly! Watch it if you havent already!!!

  • The Muppet Christmas Carol – Personally it isn’t one of my favourites but i thought I’d mention it because it’s a movie my family watch litteraly 20 times a year because it’s actually my dad’s favourite and he has been watching it since he was really young so we always watch it togetter at Christmas time.

  • Home Alone – Are you even human if you haven;t seen Home Alone!!?!?!? Honestley you cant say you havent seen it and if you havent stop reading this and go get yourself some popcorn and watch it!!!
  • Elf – Elf is littersly a must watch Christmas movie and no one can disagree with that, end of story.

  • The Grinch – Like Elf the Grinch is just a movie you have to watch, you dont need to say anything you just have to watch it.

  • The Polar Express – This is literally the most popular Christmas movie there is without a doubt, every year all i hear and see is people on about this movie and it is actually really good.

  • Fred Claus – Last but not least Fred Claus also a top favourite for me and i just love it simple as that.

What’s your favourite Christmas movie?

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