Losing Game Tour Galway

Losing Game Tour Galway

So on Monday I took a little 4 hour trip to Galway, it was so last-minute literally decided I was going like 6 hours before I was going to leave and then I just packed & left at 5am and of course I only booked the hotel on the train to Galway. We had to go all the way to Dublin to go across to Galway. We stayed in The Connacht Hotel that night! The reason for the trip was a concert with my friends, we went to go see a Irish boy band called Taken! The concert started about 2pm and  it was amazing like all of theirs are of course!.


pencil shirt (old) from New Look, little plain white top from Primark, black leather jacket from Primark & Shoes are old!

for any of you wondering taken are a 3 piece boy band from Ireland, Richie, Ste & Eoghan. They’ve been together since 2014 and I’ve know them since they started! here are their social medias if you’d like to check them out!!

YouTube; Taken Official.

Facebook; Taken Official.

Twitter; TakenOfficial.

Instagram; TakenLive.

& Website; TakenOfficial.com.


thank you for reading,

becca xo


My Top Foundation’s

My Top Foundation’s

So today I thought id share with you all my top foundations, there are 4 and I love them all soo much,  since I got into make 2/3 years ago ive been looking for a good foundation that works with my skin and ive been through loads of different ones. I finally found 4 that I love so much, the benefit and L’Oréal,  Paris Infallible 24-hour matte are two I use for a more natural look and would be an everyday kinda foundation, they honestly give the most flawless finish to your face, don’t look heavy on the skin, the smallest amount of product gives you amazing coverage, and over all they are both amazing, ive been using the benefit for a while now but only recently tried the L’Oréal , and the L’Oréal is so long-lasting honestly I wore it to a concert and I literally had it on for 2 hours traveling then all through the concert and then 2 hours home and it was still perfectly on my face! its 11.99 I’m pretty sure and it’s just soo amazing! Then the other L’Oréal and PS Pro are more of a kinda going out or event kinda foundation for me, I love both of them, the L’Oréal true match has a glitter undertone which is fab and the PS Pro foundation literally gives you the best tan ever.

I would highly recommend all these foundations, i personally love each of them, they work so well with my skin, all apply great and give the best end result!

PS Pro Longwear Mineralized Foundation ( from Primark ) is 6.00 euro and ive it in the shade warm beige, I recommend getting this shade!

L’Oréal Infallible 24h-matte is 11.99 and I have it in the shade natural rose!

Benefit Hello Flawless is 37.00 euro in the shade ivory!

L’Oréal True Match is 14.99 and in the shade golden beige!

and yes I know all of these shades are completely different and none of them match my skin tone but i like to have different shades and ones that don’t match me, i like to have a choice of different shades depending on where I’m going and what I’m doing.


thank you for reading,

becca xo

Same Clothes Different Looks

So I went to Primark and H&M and literally shopped till I dropped, the whole idea is to buy things in the shops then use bits from your wardrobe and other bits you bought and mixing them together to make a new look! I will be doing this a good bit on my blog so I hope enjoy!

look number one:

this would be more of a kind of event look or if you were going out for the day.

look number two:



by taking the long coat and heels away and adding ugg boots and a bomber jacket it went from dressy to casual.

look number three:



then another event / dressy look with a long grey dress, a long winter coat, and the black heels again!


look number four:



then add a bomber jacket makes it more casual look.


look number five:


reusing the long grey coat, black ugg boots, and adding a grey hat & scarf, black leggings with a black jumper giving you a winter look.


look number six:



still looks nice and wintery without the jacket.

so I made six looks and instead of buying everything new I reused the items I had bought and somethings in my closet to make the looks.

here is a list of where everything is from.

  • long black coat – Primark.
  • little black top – Primark.
  • camo leggings – H&M.
  • black heels – Primark.
  • handbag – river island.
  • bomber – H&M.
  • ugg boots – Primark.
  • all glasses are from Primark.
  • long grey dress – H&M.
  • long grey coat – Primark.
  • little black handbag – Primark.
  • purse – river island.
  • backpack – Primark.
  • black jumper – Primark.
  • hat & scarf – Primark.


thank you for reading,

becca xo



New PS Liquid Highlighter

New PS Liquid Highlighter

Shoutout to Primark the last few months they have really amazed me with all their new makeup and i’ve just falling in love with the whole PS makeup line, So yesterday I picked up these two amazing liquid highlighters, they are new to stores and are just amazing, after I got them I was playing around with them for a bit yesterday and they are just beautiful. They are extremely pigmented and are very long lasting, it literally took me 5 minutes to remove the product from my face and hands! They were 5 euro each and are great quality for the price. Honestly go to your nearest Primark right now and pick these amazing liquid highlighters up!! Go over to my Instagram; lifeasbeccaa right now for swatches of them!

the first one is kind of a pinky colour and is the shade Pearl Blossom.

and the second one is a brown colour and is the shade Moonshine.

if there is any products you’d like me try and give my opinion on just let me know!

thank you for reading,

becca xo.


Top 10 Place’s I Want To Go

Top 10 Place’s I Want To Go

So today I thought i’d share with you the top 10 place’s I want to go in the world and few things id like to do there, this will be a long one so bare with me!


It’s always been a dream of mine to visit LA, I mean who doesn’t want the LA experience and to live the LA life? I have to be typical tourist and go see the Hollywood sign and of course walk down the Hollywood walk of fame! I would love to bring my mam shopping in hills and take a trip to Santa Monica and the grove, I also have always wanted to see an American football game! But most importantly I have to go to Disneyland and the universal studios!!


For as long as i can remember my mam and i have always wanted to be in NYC for Christmas, i mean who doesn’t? every year you always see the most amazing pictures all over the internet of the beautiful decor and light’s all around the streets of New York. I’ve always wanted to arrive in New York just before Christmas and then leave just after New Years cause you have to go to times square for New Years!, and ice skating is a must.


I’ve just always wanted to see the Northern Light’s because they look amazing and of course I have to go to the Blue Lagoon.


I don’t have anything I really want to do in Hawaii to be honest. I’ve just always wanted to go and see the amazing island and I’d find something to do there haha.


First off I got to hold a Koala and see some kangaroo’s and also just visit every wild life park and zoo’s they have.


Here’s just a mini list of some things I want to do,

  • go on a boat tour.
  • visit pink sand beach.
  • scuba & snorkelling.
  • visit Blue Lagoon Island.
  • go to Dolphin Cay.
  •  go on a nature and wildlife tour.
  • and most importantly I NEED TO SEE THE SWIMMING PIGS!!

That’s all for now but I’m sure there are more amazing things to do there I haven’t heard of yet.


Everywhere & everything looks so beautiful and amazing in Thailand I literally just want to see it all.


Literally one of my dream places to go for a simple little reason AIR BUD. As a kid and even now I love all air buds and buddies movies and I’ve always wanted to visit and have a golden retriever named Buddy , it’s a simple as that.


I don’t know what id do or where id go I just need to see Dubai.


It’s the same with Amsterdam, I don’t know why i want to go so bad, i just do.

and lastly i want to visit ALL the Disneyland’s & Universal Studios in the world and see the Northern Lights from every angle possible.

thank you for reading,

becca xo



The New PS Custom Eye Palette

The New PS Custom Eye Palette

This day last week I was shopping around Waterford and of course I wondered into Primark I mean who doesn’t? I came across the new custom eyeshadow palette’s and couldn’t not get them. The empty palette was 2 euro and the eyeshadow’s were 1 euro each, so 6 euro all together! As you can see I got all shimmering colours because I thought they looked amazing. Over the week that I’ve had them I have been playing around with them and I’m in love!!. They are so pigmented you don’t need to use much product at all, they apply nicely and aren’t heavy on the eye at all and of course they look amazing too. One hundred percent id recommend them.

The Shades are

Top Left – Gold Digger.

Top Right – Cranberry.

Bottom Left – Hot Coco.

Bottom Right – Sun Kiss.


thank you for reading,

becca xo

Why I Started A Blog

Why I Started A Blog

Something everyone wants to know about everything and anything is why did you start? what motivated you to do it? do you believe you/it will succeed?. So today I will be talking about all that and why I wanted to start!. Of course the number one reason for me is I love to writing no matter what is going on in my life or what time of the day it is writing is my escape, it’s like I forget about everything in life and just write about things my mind throws at me haha! I also love to travel and see new places and of course I love fashion and make up too! I thought about doing this for a good year or more but never pushed myself to do because I was in school and it took all the energy I had and just drained me on top of that of course I had my doubts, I worried what everyone in school would think if I did and got very bad anxiety over thinking about others opinions. Then in January I told my mam and dad how I felt about it all and that I wanted to do it and they gave me the push I needed so I stopped thinking about others and starting thinking about myself and what I wanted to do and it helped so much I’m happier than I’ve ever been. So basically what I’m trying to say is push all the negative out of your life and do what makes you happy, you never know what might happen when you just be you! but anyways I’m so exited to finally start and get this blog up and running! Expect loads of content coming, I’ve so many ideas I cant wait to share!

thank you for reading,

becca xo