I’m back with a new Primark beauty line, this one is called ‘NUDES’ and it’s amazing, first of I love the packaging. So I just picked up the highlight & contour kit, a lip kit and some fake nails.


                                                    Highlight & Contour kit




The kit comes with 3 different products and a brush, the 3 products are a cream highlighter duo, brow highlighter and cream contour duo. All for €8. The brush surprised me, I didn’t think It would be that good or blend the contour at all but it did a pretty good job. The contour itself blended nicely and it went onto my face easy and clear, I have yet to try the highlighters but the contour is amazing. Love the shades too!


             Lip Kit




That little dash in the lip gloss is annoying me so much! but anyways I was impressed the last PS lip product I tried wasn’t the best, it was really wet and sticky, also didn’t smell the best but they’ve defiantly improved, it’s a lovely colour, apply’s nice, doesn’t feel heavy on the lips and smells very sweet! Lip kits are €4 and I got the shade ‘Mesmerise’.


                                                        Fake Nails




Also picked up some nude fake nails for €1.50 which I’ll use at some point!


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becca xo


PS Pigment’s

Recently Primark came out with some eye pigments, and I picked up some of them. They’ve 6 single colours & 3 in a set for their Gold Rush line.

Set of 3 for Gold Rush Lines;

Literally took them out of their box and my hand was covered in glitter which just shows how pigmented they really are, they are amazing on & blend into your eyeshadow amazingly.

3 for €5

6 single pigments;

I picked up the shades Brown Sugar & Copper Daze. Amazing colours and apply so nicely to the eye lid.

€3 each

PS Gold Rush Highlighting Palette

PS Gold Rush Highlighting Palette

So along with the Gold Rush Eyeshadow Palette I also got the Highlighting Palette. This palette is by far my favourite highlighter from Primark. It has four amazing shades and each one is very pigmented. They blend nicely with foundation and show up amazing on the skin! Another Primark make up item I would recommend getting! This was also €6.

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becca xo

PS Gold Rush Eye Shadow Palette

PS Gold Rush Eye Shadow Palette

So over the last few weeks Primark have been coming out with new amazing make up products and recently they came out with a new line called Gold Rush. A few days ago I picked up a few little bits from the new line and only just tried the eye shadow palette which I am in love with literally!. I was never a fan of Primark’s eye shadows until a few months ago, they have really stepped up their game! This palette is defiantly one of my favourites I’ve tried, I love the colours and they blend out so nicely they also blend together great. It’s only €6 in Primark and I highly recommend it!


thank you for reading,

becca xo

Make-up Wishlist

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette – €50.90

Subculture Eye Shadow Palette – €50.90

Brow Pro Palette – €116.30

Aurora Glow Kit – €48.70


Natasha Denona

Sunset Palette – $129


Kylie Jenner

The Birthday Collection – $325

Barely Legal Blush – $20

X Rated Blush – $20

Banana Split Highlighter – $22

Brown Sugar Lip Kit – $29

Vacation Bundle – $250



BECCA X Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette – $46



Dandelion Twinkle Powder Highlighter – €34

GALifornia – €34

Dallas – €34

Rockateur – €34

Sugarbomb – €34

Heruana – €34

CORALista – €34

Hoola – €34

Hoola Lite – €34



Studio waterweight SPF 30 – €36.50

Pro Longwear Concealer – €23.50

Eye Shadow Palette x15 Warm Neutral – €59.50

Eye Shadow Palette In The Flesh – €59.50

Eye Shadow Palette Cool Neutral – €59.50



Try It Kit Primer Authority – $29

Photo Finish Prime Water – $32

Cover Shot Eye Shadow Palette – $29

Full Exposure Palette – $52

Liquid Lipstick in the shades Plum, Deep Fuchsia & Nude Rose – $24 each



Highlight & Contour Pro Palette – €22.99



AMC Pure Pigment Eye Shadow – €12

Duraline – €12



Copper Dreams Brush Set – €48.40

All Eye Shadow Palette’s – €25.10 each


Jeffree Star

Androgyny Eye Shadow Palette – €43.70

All his Highlighters – €22-29.40

Beauty Killer Eye Shadow Palette – €43.70



My Top Foundation’s

My Top Foundation’s

So today I thought id share with you all my top foundations, there are 4 and I love them all soo much,  since I got into make 2/3 years ago ive been looking for a good foundation that works with my skin and ive been through loads of different ones. I finally found 4 that I love so much, the benefit and L’Oréal,  Paris Infallible 24-hour matte are two I use for a more natural look and would be an everyday kinda foundation, they honestly give the most flawless finish to your face, don’t look heavy on the skin, the smallest amount of product gives you amazing coverage, and over all they are both amazing, ive been using the benefit for a while now but only recently tried the L’Oréal , and the L’Oréal is so long-lasting honestly I wore it to a concert and I literally had it on for 2 hours traveling then all through the concert and then 2 hours home and it was still perfectly on my face! its 11.99 I’m pretty sure and it’s just soo amazing! Then the other L’Oréal and PS Pro are more of a kinda going out or event kinda foundation for me, I love both of them, the L’Oréal true match has a glitter undertone which is fab and the PS Pro foundation literally gives you the best tan ever.

I would highly recommend all these foundations, i personally love each of them, they work so well with my skin, all apply great and give the best end result!

PS Pro Longwear Mineralized Foundation ( from Primark ) is 6.00 euro and ive it in the shade warm beige, I recommend getting this shade!

L’Oréal Infallible 24h-matte is 11.99 and I have it in the shade natural rose!

Benefit Hello Flawless is 37.00 euro in the shade ivory!

L’Oréal True Match is 14.99 and in the shade golden beige!

and yes I know all of these shades are completely different and none of them match my skin tone but i like to have different shades and ones that don’t match me, i like to have a choice of different shades depending on where I’m going and what I’m doing.


thank you for reading,

becca xo

New PS Liquid Highlighter

New PS Liquid Highlighter

Shoutout to Primark the last few months they have really amazed me with all their new makeup and i’ve just falling in love with the whole PS makeup line, So yesterday I picked up these two amazing liquid highlighters, they are new to stores and are just amazing, after I got them I was playing around with them for a bit yesterday and they are just beautiful. They are extremely pigmented and are very long lasting, it literally took me 5 minutes to remove the product from my face and hands! They were 5 euro each and are great quality for the price. Honestly go to your nearest Primark right now and pick these amazing liquid highlighters up!! Go over to my Instagram; lifeasbeccaa right now for swatches of them!

the first one is kind of a pinky colour and is the shade Pearl Blossom.

and the second one is a brown colour and is the shade Moonshine.

if there is any products you’d like me try and give my opinion on just let me know!

thank you for reading,

becca xo.