Skin Care Tips

Happy Monday everyone! So from now on I’ll only be doing beauty on Monday’s (hopefully) depending on how it all works out but anyways, if you know me you’ll know I’m skin care mad, skin care over makeup any day, I love having my skin nice and clear makes me so much better about myself and I just love it!! Today I’ll be sharing my top tips for skin care!

1. Natural natural natural

My number one tip is to try to always just use natural products, they are so much better for your skin than any of the things you buy in shops. I make my own face masks & scrubs using things I have in my kitchen and it makes my skin softer, brighter and healthier than any bottled products I’ve ever bought has! I will do some posts in the future about the face masks and scrubs if you want to try them out or just want a little inspiration on what to put into them! But honestly this is the biggest tip of all keep it as natural as you possibly can, and the best thing about making them yourself is you know exactly what’s going into them and how they are made.

2. Water

I know you see this everywhere and it’s a boring tip you didn’t want to hear but honestly if you want nice clear glowing skin then you need your water! I’ve seen my skin with and without me drinking water and it’s safe to say I haven’t gone a day without having some kind of water intake but I noticed when I drink it a lot throughout the day like bottle after bottle it really shows on my skin, so I’d highly recommend you to make sure you are getting some kind of a daily water intake!

3. Sunscreen

You literally need to wear sunscreen every single day of the year, it benefits your skin so much because it protects your skin while you are out and around. Wearing sunscreen all year round is meant to protect your skin from the bad air and weather all around, also it’s meant to keep your skin younger and wrinkle free. I would highly recommend applying it daily!

4. Remove Makeup

I know this is obvious but makeup is bad for your skin and it can cause huge breakouts more so if you don’t wash it off right or at all! If you wear makeup daily make sure you don’t go to sleep till you are sure it’s off your face or you’ll wake up with spots that you definitely don’t want. Aswell I know when you come home from a night out or a long day removing your makeup isn’t on the top of your list but it should be, if you want clear and nice skin then you need to put in the effort and sit down to remove it all till you are wiping nothing.

5. Products

The products that you use is definitely the most important thing, I know so many people like testing and trying new things but honestly I think if you’ve found something you like and it goes well with your skin then you should just use them products because if you start trying loads of new things and stuff you could get reactions or breakouts and it’ll just ruin your skin and bring right back to the start again!

6. Food

I know everyone says it but it’s so true what you eat helps your skin, if you want super nice, glowing and health skin then you have to watch what you eat and try eat more foods that benefit and help your skin! Because foods can cause breakouts too.

7. DIY

Like I said doing your scrubs, face masks and cleansers by yourself at home is so much better because you know exactly what you are putting on your skin and if it’s bad for your skin or not, you could buy bottled stuff and literally be putting anything on your face.

8. Your hands!!

No matter how many times a day you wash your hands you shouldn’t touch your face, we use our hands for everything and everything comes with dirt and germs, our hands are always picking it all up and by touching your face you are literally passing it all from your hands to your face and it will cause a breakout of black/white heads!

9. Vitamins

Along with eating foods to help your skin, you also need your vitamins this will help clear it and give it a glow. It doesn’t matter if your skin gets these vitamins naturally through your foods or you buy boxes of vitamins and take the amount required daily as long as you have some kind of vitamin intake.

10. Facials

I know they can be very expensive but I promise they are worth it if you get the right one for your skin, always ask what they would recommend for your skin before actually getting it, some people get monthly facials others get seasonal ones, but I do think they help your skin so much, when I got my first one I didn’t expect it to do much but it was amazing, it cleared and brightened up my skin so much!

Let me know if any of these tips worked for you!

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Thank you for reading,

becca xo


9 thoughts on “Skin Care Tips

  1. These are some great tips! I’ve recently just started paying more attention to my skin routine and this has highlighted some more things for me to have in mind. Currently I’m using the Simple; cleanser, then toner, then moisturiser. It’s definitely been an improvement but think I will try and improve it still.xx

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  2. Fab tips, I’ve recently altered my diet and it’s amazing to see the difference it can make to your skin! I guess it’s a struggle to believe till you see it happen. Gonna have to see if I can sort myself out some DIY shiz, I don’t think I spend enough time giving my skin some TLC 🙄🙈

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, yeah that’s so true, you hear people saying it and your just like yeah right whatever until you actually see it yourself. Doing it yourself really does make a big difference! X

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