Update again.

I feel like I’m always doing these but anyways, the reason I’ve not been active or posting is simply because my laptop broke and then my phone broke so I ordered a new phone and while I was waiting for it to arrive, a week before it came I fell really sick and was in hospital for a while and I’m only now starting to get my energy back and feel better, so I will be trying to go back to a posting regularly. I’m actually hosting a art camp all next week for kids so I might do a post at the end of the week all about that! Also any post you’d like to see me do tweet me them! @lifeasbeccaa, I’m actually been super active on twitter since I’ve been sick, so give me a follow!

Also Snapchat vlogging is happening now too, so If you wanna follow along on my shopping journeys and see new things in stores, ootds, beauty & fashion tips, travel with me or simply just keep up with my life add me on Snapchat @typicalbecca!

Thank you for reading,

Becca xo


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