This Is Ireland

I didn’t overly explain this so that’s what this post is for. I decided i wanted to travel all around Ireland and see as much as my home country as i possible can, it’s going to be a little series on here that im calling ‘This Is Ireland’, i start on the 1st of june with Waterford and Kildare the day after, i hope to make it all over the place. So ill be traveling and writing about it all, ill be taking about where i went, where i have yet to go, places to see, eat, all about the different places, some history on them, everything!! Even public transport if you are traveling from far away and want to see these places and anything else you can imagine! I’ll be vlogging it all on my snapchat (typicalbecca) & instagram (lifeasbeccaa) and here of course so follow them all if you wanna come along on the adventures, also i will have different outfits everywhere and posting on instagram about them all!. This is just a sort post explaining it all and the waterford post will be up a little bit after this followed by the kildare one on thursday, it might be awhile but i want them to be prefect!!


thank you for reading,

becca xo


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