I’m back with a new Primark beauty line, this one is called ‘NUDES’ and it’s amazing, first of I love the packaging. So I just picked up the highlight & contour kit, a lip kit and some fake nails.


                                                    Highlight & Contour kit




The kit comes with 3 different products and a brush, the 3 products are a cream highlighter duo, brow highlighter and cream contour duo. All for €8. The brush surprised me, I didn’t think It would be that good or blend the contour at all but it did a pretty good job. The contour itself blended nicely and it went onto my face easy and clear, I have yet to try the highlighters but the contour is amazing. Love the shades too!


             Lip Kit




That little dash in the lip gloss is annoying me so much! but anyways I was impressed the last PS lip product I tried wasn’t the best, it was really wet and sticky, also didn’t smell the best but they’ve defiantly improved, it’s a lovely colour, apply’s nice, doesn’t feel heavy on the lips and smells very sweet! Lip kits are €4 and I got the shade ‘Mesmerise’.


                                                        Fake Nails




Also picked up some nude fake nails for €1.50 which I’ll use at some point!


which of my posts do you enjoy the most? ( Beauty, Fashion, Travel or Lifestyle).


thank you for reading,

becca xo


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