My Top Foundation’s

So today I thought id share with you all my top foundations, there are 4 and I love them all soo much,  since I got into make 2/3 years ago ive been looking for a good foundation that works with my skin and ive been through loads of different ones. I finally found 4 that I love so much, the benefit and L’Oréal,  Paris Infallible 24-hour matte are two I use for a more natural look and would be an everyday kinda foundation, they honestly give the most flawless finish to your face, don’t look heavy on the skin, the smallest amount of product gives you amazing coverage, and over all they are both amazing, ive been using the benefit for a while now but only recently tried the L’Oréal , and the L’Oréal is so long-lasting honestly I wore it to a concert and I literally had it on for 2 hours traveling then all through the concert and then 2 hours home and it was still perfectly on my face! its 11.99 I’m pretty sure and it’s just soo amazing! Then the other L’Oréal and PS Pro are more of a kinda going out or event kinda foundation for me, I love both of them, the L’Oréal true match has a glitter undertone which is fab and the PS Pro foundation literally gives you the best tan ever.

I would highly recommend all these foundations, i personally love each of them, they work so well with my skin, all apply great and give the best end result!

PS Pro Longwear Mineralized Foundation ( from Primark ) is 6.00 euro and ive it in the shade warm beige, I recommend getting this shade!

L’Oréal Infallible 24h-matte is 11.99 and I have it in the shade natural rose!

Benefit Hello Flawless is 37.00 euro in the shade ivory!

L’Oréal True Match is 14.99 and in the shade golden beige!

and yes I know all of these shades are completely different and none of them match my skin tone but i like to have different shades and ones that don’t match me, i like to have a choice of different shades depending on where I’m going and what I’m doing.


thank you for reading,

becca xo


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