Same Clothes Different Looks

So I went to Primark and H&M and literally shopped till I dropped, the whole idea is to buy things in the shops then use bits from your wardrobe and other bits you bought and mixing them together to make a new look! I will be doing this a good bit on my blog so I hope enjoy!

look number one:

this would be more of a kind of event look or if you were going out for the day.

look number two:



by taking the long coat and heels away and adding ugg boots and a bomber jacket it went from dressy to casual.

look number three:



then another event / dressy look with a long grey dress, a long winter coat, and the black heels again!


look number four:



then add a bomber jacket makes it more casual look.


look number five:


reusing the long grey coat, black ugg boots, and adding a grey hat & scarf, black leggings with a black jumper giving you a winter look.


look number six:



still looks nice and wintery without the jacket.

so I made six looks and instead of buying everything new I reused the items I had bought and somethings in my closet to make the looks.

here is a list of where everything is from.

  • long black coat – Primark.
  • little black top – Primark.
  • camo leggings – H&M.
  • black heels – Primark.
  • handbag – river island.
  • bomber – H&M.
  • ugg boots – Primark.
  • all glasses are from Primark.
  • long grey dress – H&M.
  • long grey coat – Primark.
  • little black handbag – Primark.
  • purse – river island.
  • backpack – Primark.
  • black jumper – Primark.
  • hat & scarf – Primark.


thank you for reading,

becca xo




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